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  • The global leader in one-way kegs,
    Innovative and diverse product
  • Gamechanging packaging for brands with big ideas
    Combining business understanding and innovation to support customers’ growth.
  • An ECO nomic philosophy
    Innovation with sustainability built in.


Techpac BarKeg@ One-Way PET Kegs perfect for Beer , Wine and other Carbonated drinks.Perfect for events , full industry compatibility – standard fittings ( A, S , D , G ) , best protections for draught beer , wine and corbinated drinks with a focus on sustainability and 100% recyclable.


Techpac WaterJar@ Two-Way PET Jars perfect for Bulk Packaged Drinking Water. High scuffing and scratching resistance , lesser weight , high heat resistance and UV barrier properties with longer life cycle of the jars made out of blended PET resins makes perfect choose to bulk packaged drinking water companies in 20 lit water business.


Techpac SB-PET Container@ is a Silver-Barrier PET Containers perfect for Adhesive & Chemicals , Lubricants and AgroChemicals . SB-PET Containers are very robust in their built-up structure require lesser grammage than bottle grade PET containers for a particular size , sustainability is at the core of all SB-Containers, better value proposition Vis-à-vis virgin PET Containers and 100% recyclable.


About Techpac India

Techpac India – is a game changing packaging company with innovation and sustainability built in their plastics container business with an objective to support our customers in reducing their total cost of ownership without compromising on packaging quality . Having diverse product range with high performance packaging innovations drives economics in providing commercially viable propositions to our global brands with a winning packaging solutions.

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