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20 Litre Bubble Top Jar

20 litre bubble top Jar is a fully recyclable and reusable having leading durability and strength, outperforming other PET water jars in drop tests. The jar is compatible with existing filling and washing line, avoiding any capital investment required to switch to using 20 lit bubble top jars.

Salient Features :

  • Lighter weight structure and seamless design as compared to available bottle grade PET jars.
  • Made from PET blended resins gives high impact strength than virgin PET resins, virtually unbreakable in drop tests.
  • Higher trip rates economics drive lower cost per litre than bottle grade PET jars.
  • High resistance to scratching and scuffing as compared to bottle grade PET jars.
  • Hot washing of empty jar possible upto 63 degree which will kills all microorganisms , water borne bateria and thus make safer drinking water jar for consumer.
  • Supported by UV resistance , no yellowish tint on jar surface which normally seen in normal PET jars after some cycles.

Jar Specification

Product Name 20L PET JAR(CONICAL)
S.No Parameter Standard Tolerance Remarks
1 Height 490mm -+3mm
2 Weight 626gm -+2gm
3 Bore Diameter 46.12 -+0.30mm
4 Thread (Snap ring) 55.2 -+0.30mm
5 Support ring Diaameter 60.06 -+0.30mm
6 Contact (Upper / Lower) 272mm -+2mm
7 Lable Diameter 267mm -+2mm
8 Shoulder wall Thickens
30mm 3.20mm -+0.10mm
45mm 1.30mm -+0.10mm
60mm 1.30mmmm -+0.10mm
75mm 1.00mm -+0.10mm
90mm 0.90mm -+0.10mm
105 0.80mm -+0.10mm
120mm 0.80mm -+0.10mm
9 Shoulder wall Thickens
250mm from standing surface 0.75mm -+0.05mm
200mm from standing surface 0.75mm -+0.05mm
150mm from standing surface 0.75mm -+0.05mm
10 Wall thickness standing surface 1.10mm -+0.20mm
11 Top load kgf Min 95
12 Leakage Test
13 Drop Test
14 Brim-full Volume 20750ml -+200ml
15 Fill point volume at 115 mm from top 20000ml -+200ml
16 Drop impact Resistance:
Vertical,Horizontal,45oc Direction
1.8m/1 drops each No failure