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One Way PET Keg

One Way PET Kegs – For Microbrewery / Craft Beer Industries. Opens up new market at any corner of the world, reduces substantial costs and reduces initial capital investments on steel kegs , guarantees taste and is planet friendly. One way PET kegs are fully recyclable and having lower cost of ownership to users than steel Kegs, because they can be filled , sent and recycled during empty , cutting out costly reverse logistics and washing processes. Thus providing 40% savings in supply chain costs compared to steel also reduces expensive administration and deposit systems required to run a steel keg fleet.

Game Changing Solutions :

  • Game changing solution for the beer industry, manufactured using advanced polymer engineering.
  • Patented resins formulation and blends.
  • High level of barrier properties increases shelf life of the beer as good as in steel kegs.

Salient Features :

  • Taking beer , cider , wine to the four corner of the world.
  • Globalising draught breweries supply.
  • Compatible with Micromatic dispensing equipment.
  • Product quality and taste is protected
  • Zero reverse logistics cost
  • Zero maintenance, cleaning costs and deposit system.
  • No cleaning detergents required.
  • One tenth cost of Steel kegs.